Zuu(ズー ) two-headed Brontosaurus-themed Mechasaur from episodes 1 and 2 of Getter Robo.


Zuu has the appearance of a brown Brontosaurus with a second mechanical long-necked head and a mechanical right front leg. It has blank white eyes on it’s organic head while it’s mechanical head is darker in color and has bug-like pink eyes.


Zuu was unleashed by Emperor Gore along with two other Mechasaurs to attack mankind. After the destruction of Mechasaur Saki by Getter Robo, Zuu and the other two Mechasaurs appear and fight against the giant robot. When Getter Robo retreats, Emperor Gore calls them back. When he unleashes then again to cause more destruction, Getter Robo comes back to face them. After the other two Mechasaurs are destroyed, Zuu was the last Mechasaur left. Zuu was in the water, so Musashi changed Getter Robo into Getter 3 and fought with it. After performing a Judo move, Musashi destroys Zuu by launching the Getter Missiles into both Zuu's mouths, destroying it from the inside and blowing it up.


Fire Breath: Zuu can shoot a thin stream of fire from both mouths.

Adapted Swimmer: Zuu is able to swim in the water.

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