Zolveck(ゾルベック Zorubekku) is a giant robot that appeared in Episode 2 of Saikyo Robo Daiohja.


Zolveck has a humanoid body structure with a dark green color. It’s head has a fin on top with a featureless face but has a visor in place for the eyes. It has two brown plates over it’s shoulders that leads over it’s pecs and wears a brown belt around the waist with a crotch plate.


When Mito, Skade, and Kurks fight off against an evil Lord named Ryoushu and his right-hand man Rubitai, they reveal Mito as the Edon Prince and they call forth their giant robots to prove it. After the three fight off the Birdland Mechas, Ryoushu and Rubitai appear in their own mechs, Zolveck and Hellveros, with Rubitai piloting Zolveck. Mito and his two guards combine their giant robots into Daiohja to fight the two. After Daiohja is formed, Rubitai gets Zolveck to charge toward them with it’s Pectoral Laser Beams. However, Daiohja uses Daiohja Cutter and throws two shurikens that slice across Zolveck’s chest. With the Zolveck damaged, Daiohja fires Triple Missile at the damaged spot and destroys Zolveck, killing Rubitai in the process.


Pectoral Laser Beams: Zolveck can fire orange laser beams from the two tubes on it’s chest.

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