Zelazny(ゼニマン Zerazunyi) is a Giant Robot that appeared in Episode 4 of Saikyo Robo Daiohja.


Zelazny almost has the appearance of a Knight in gray armor with a red chest plate, red cheeks horns, or antennas, on the face, and a yellow visor for the eyes.


On a planted called Still Star, Mito and followers discovered workers are being put into forced labor at a factory owned by man named Zeniman and run by Kozeny. When a group of workers are about to be executed on a hot air balloon like ship, Mito, Skade, and Kaku summon their mechs to save them. After Kozeny sends out the Escort Robots to fight them off, only to get easily destroyed, Zeniman decides to fight them off in his own mech with Kozeny on board as well. Zeniman confronts Mito and his followers at the factory within his mecha, Zelazny. Kaku and Skade reveal that Mito is the prince but Zeniman doesn’t believe them, so the three combine their mechs into Daiohja to prove it to him. Despite seeing that Mito really is the prince, Zeniman states that he doesn’t care who he is and charges forward with his Zelazny. Daiohja manages to dodge Zelazny’s Twin Blade and summons the Raimeite. The two giant robots duel against each other with their weapon until Zelazny jumps up and shoots two missiles that knock down Daiohja. Zelazny goes for the final blow but Daiohja uses Daiohja Cutter to slice Zelazny’s right hand off, disarming it of it’s Twin Blade. With Zelazny down, Mito charges the Raimeite with lightning and has Daiohja perform Denkou Raimei Kuzushi to slice Zelazny down the middle, causing the giant mech to blow up in a massive explosion that kills Zeniman and Kozeny.


Twin Blade: Zelazny’s main weapon is a yellow-colored sword with two blades on each side.

High Jumping: Zelazny is able to jump off the ground at a high enough height in the sky.

Missiles: Zelazny can launch two missiles from two tubes on it’s chest.

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