Yurkon IV(ユルコンIV Yurukon IV) is a Combat Machine that appeared in Episode 15 of Armored Fleet Dairugger XV.


Yurkon IV has a dark purple body with a light purple section underneath. Yurkon IV walks on four dark purple legs connected to two light purple-colored turbines on each side of the body. It also has two orange-colored visors for eyes, two fang-like spikes underneath the eyes, a black plate over it’s entire body with red arrow-shaped slits, and two missile launchers above head.


When the Rugger Guard holds it’s position in Space while Captain Ise heads towards Captain Drake’s battleship for a diplomatic discussion, Captain Barataria uses this opportunity to attack the Support Fleet on the planet they’re on. The Support Fleet fight back against Captain Barataria’s fleet until he sends down a Combat Machine, called Yurkon IV, to fight alongside the Land Fleet. Upon hearing about Captain Barataria’s attack on the Support Fleet, Captain Ise heads back to the Rugger Guard, allowing the Rugger Team to launch out and help out the Support Fleet. After they form into Dairugger XV, they arrive at the planet and see Yurkon IV fighting the Support Fleet while the Land Fleet is destroying the newly built base. With the Support Fleet in trouble, they decide to fight the Combat Machine first. Aki uses Dairugger Mircale Power to blast Yurkon IV away from the Support Fleet, as well as destroy some of the Land Fleet. Dairugger IV charges forward with Spin Cutter where Yurkon IV shoots out it’s missiles at them. Dairugger XV manages to avoid the missiles and jumps up to throw the Spin Cutters, but Yurkon IV avoids them and jumps up to smash into the super robot, causing them to fall back onto the ground. Yurkon IV shoots more of it’s missiles at Dairugger XV while it’s on it’s back, but Dairugger XV manages to avoid them again and jumps back up to use Electromagnetic Whip to destroy the Missile Launchers. While still in the air, Dairugger XV uses Dairugger Lancer to impale Yurkon IV through it’s back. Once behind Yurkon IV, Aki has Dairugger XV summon the Dairugger Sword and charges forward as the Combat Machine turns around. Once up close, Dairugger XV uses the Dairugger Sword to slice Yurkon IV’s body, causing it to blow up into a massive explosion.


Dual Missile Launchers: Yurkon IV is equipped with two missile launchers above it’s head. One of the missile launchers is long and shoot out tall, needle-like missile while the other missile launcher is small and shoots out short, red-colored missiles.

High Jumping: By using it’s legs, Yurkon IV is able to jump up high into the sky.

Constriction: Yurkon IV can wrap it’s legs around a target and can crush it until it’s destroyed.

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