Yaba(ヤバ Yaba) is a Mechasaurus that appeared in Episode 31 of Getter Robo.


Yaba has a dark red, metal-plated, humanoid-shaped body with black joints, two yellow dots on the chest, spikes on it’s knees, and box-shaped feet with small claws on each side and on the front. In place for it’s arms, it has four purple-colored arms with each one ending with a big blade, giving them the appearance of insect legs. It also has a red-colored head with a tall neck, a black collar with yellow dots, two horns on the head, three yellow dots on the snout, a jaw filled with teeth, and blank yellow eyes with black shading around them and on the forehead.


When Emperor Gore meets up with Great Demon Yura, his master explains his new plan to use radioactive rays to change the property within the getter rays to make it harmful for humans. Once the getter ray storage tank is located within an underground facility, Chief Galeli decides to send out his latest creation, Mechasaurus Yaba, with Captain Kialo and two Soldiers piloting it. Kialo gets Yaba to head toward the underground storage to contaminate the getter rays with uranium. Professor Saotome contacts Ryoma about it and he, along with Musashi and Hayato, who was injured from an earlier storage explosion within the underground facility, head out in their Getter Machines. Upon locating the Yaba underground, Hayato combines the Getter Machines into Getter-2 and burrows after it. However, it was soon discovered that the earlier storage explosion was caused by radioactive rays, meaning that Hayato needs to be treated immediately. However, despite his weakened condition, Hayato refuses to turn back and continues to go after the Mechasaurus. Just as the two were about collide into each other underground, Hayato has Getter Robo burrow upward to avoid the Uranium Ray. Yaba keeps on shooting the Unraniun Ray all around tunnel to search for it’s target until Getter Robot burrows behind the Mechasaurus and uses Drill Storm to knock it back, breaking it’s upper arms off. Despite being unable to shoot the Uranium Ray with upper arms knocked off, Captain Kialo uses Yaba’s Lower Blade Arms to spin them like buzzsaws and charges forward. During this, Hayato becomes too weak to fight some more, so he switches his Getter Jaguar to automatic mode and lets Musashi change Getter-2 into Getter-3. Musashi gets Getter Robo to throw rocks at Yaba but they get destroyed by the Blade Arms, so Getter Robo charges forward and grabs the arms, stopping them from spinning. Getter Robo throws Yaba out of the tunnel and up into the surface. Getter Robo arrives up onto the surface where Captain Kialo gets Yaba to fly up into the air to escape. Ryoma then changes Getter-3 into Getter-1 and flies after Yaba. However, when Yaba sees that Getter Robo is chasing after it, it flies back toward them with it’s Blade Arms spinning again. Yaba manages to hit Getter Robo with it’s Blade Arms two times but Ryoma doesn’t fall for the third time and uses Getter Tomahawk to destroy the lower Blade Arms and chops Yaba’s legs off, disabling it’s flight ability. Once Yaba crashes back onto the ground, defenseless, Getter Robo fires the Getter Beam at the Mechasaurus, causing it to meltdown and eventually explode, killing Captain Kialo.


Swimming: Yaba is able to swim through hot magma.

Uranium Ray: By crossing it’s upper arm blades together in front, Yaba can fire a pink beam of uranium from them that can melt through anything. It can use the beam to burrow underground by melting through the dirt and rock.

Blade Arms: Yaba is equipped with four arms with each one ending with a big blade. The upper arms can shoot the Uranium Ray while the lower arms can spin around like buzzsaws.

Flight: Yaba is able to fly up into the air with rocket thrusters underneath it’s feet.

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