Wanbeak(ワンビーク Wanbīku) is the first Mecha Dimension Robo that appeared in Episode 1 of Ougon Senshi Gold Lightan.

It’s name could also translate as One Beak.


Wanbeak’s entire body has a dark blue and purple color scheme. It has two big legs on each side of it’s body and possesses no arms. It also has a long tail, a black visor for eyes, and has two red cannons on it’s head.


An otherworldly being named King Ibalda targets Earth as he can no longer live in his home dimension called the Mecha Dimension. He calls forth his underlings, Uuyokka, Sayokka, and Mannakka, so they can begin their plan of attack. One of them, Sayokka reveals his Mecha Dimension Robo, Wanbeak. During night time in the city, Wanbeak rises up from a lake and unleashes a fog to hide itself. With Uuyokka commanding it inside, Wanbeak starts to control dogs throughout the city and have them attack the humans. When a dog, named Chibi, owned by a boy, named Hiro Taikai, gets controlled as well, it comes to the generating stations where all the other controlled dogs are at. Hiro’s little sister, Ohina, chases after Chibi to the generating station where she encounters the controlled dogs and Wanbeak itself. When Hiro is alerted of this by a small Gold Lightan, he comes to the generating station and manages to fight off the controlled dogs in order to save his sister and dog. However, when Wanbeak approaches them, Hiro and his sister run out. Wanbeak breaks out of the generating station, causing Hiro to trip and drop Gold Lightan. With Hiro and Ohina in trouble, Gold Lightan calls out Rainbow Road to grow and become a giant robot to fight against Wanbeak. After the Mecha Dimension Robo shoots at Gold Lightan with it’s Laser Cannons, it lunges toward him. Gold Lightan jumps out of the way in time and trips Wanbeak. Once Wanbeak gets back up, Gold Lightan thrusts his hand into Wanbeak’s body and pulls out the heartbox energy device to crush it in his hand. He then thrusts his hand up into Wanbeak’s head and pulls out another heartbox energy device to crush it. Without the energy devices, Uuyokka ejects out of Wanbeak before it falls to the ground and starts blowing up.


Adapted Swimmer: Wanbeak was shown rising up from water, hinting that it’s able to swim.

Dispensing Fog: Wanbeak can dispense a fog from it’s body to hide itself from plain sight.

Controlling Dogs: Wanbeak is able to take control of numerous dogs at once.

Laser Cannons: Wanbeak has two laser cannons on it’s head that can shoot orange laser beams.

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