Vulcam 3(バルカム3 Barukamu 3) is a Battle Machine that appeared in Episode 1 of Armored Fleet Dairugger.


Vulcam 3 has a red body complete with four legs, small arms, and one small red eye. It also has a cone-shaped right arm that can discharge electricity and a double claw on it’s left arm.


A space exploration team, called The Rugger Team, arrive on an uninhabited planet to explore until they are suddenly attack by an alien force called the Galveston Empire. Later, the Rugger Team build a temporary base on the planet but the Galveston Empire arrive again for another attack. The Rugger Team head out to attack in their vehicles but then one of the Galveston Empire’s Battle Machines, called Vulcam 3, suddenly rises out from the ground and starts attacking the team with it’s Laser Spikes. The Rugger Team try to fight back, but their attacks show no effect against the Battle Machine. The main leader, Aki, tells everyone to retreat back to their ship, the Rugger Guard, when they hear it’s being attack by the Galveston Empire’s space ships. However, the captain orders them to continue fighting the Battle Machine, so Aki tells everyone to form into Dairugger XV. Once they combine their vehicles into Dairugger XV, they charge toward Vulcam 3 and start fighting against it. After they knock it down, Vulcam 3 trips Dairugger XV with it’s four legs and then shocks the team with it’s cone-shaped arm. After the Rugger Team hear from the Rugger Guard that reinforcements have arrived to help them, they manage to knock down Vulcam 3 and use Wing Beam to destroy it’s Laser Spikes. Aki then gets Dairugger XV to use two of the vehicles’ propellers to slash at Vulcam 3. Dairugger XV then merges the two propellers to form the Dairugger Sword and slices Vulcam 3 a few times. Once Vulcam 3 begins to fall apart, the Battle Machine explodes. With Vulcam 3 destroyed, the Galveston Empire withdraws for now.


Burrowing: Vulcam 3 seems to be able to burrow into the ground when it first appears by rising up from the ground.

Laser Spikes: Vulcam 3 has three small spikes on each side next to it’s eye that can shoot red lasers.

Electrical Discharge: Vulcam 3 can discharge electricity from it’s right cone-shaped arm.

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