Vandelar(バンデラー Banderā) is a Kaiju that appeared in Episode 1 of Captain Ultra.


Vandelar has a reptilian appearance with a dark green body covered with red scales all over. Has a row of scales going down the middle of his body and a second row goin around his neck. He has clawed feet on his short legs and three small claws on his stubby arms. He also has an alligator-like mouth with red lips and a row of teeth, two large flaps on the back of his neck, and two eyes with tubes connected to the back of each one.


A space crew carrying atomic nitro gets captured and killed by an alien species called the Vandels on a mining planet they were flying toward. The last two survivors, Instructor Akane and Cadet Kenji, are brought to their base to be experimented on. When a man named Captain Ultra, and his two allies, Joe and Huck, look for Akane and Kenji on the planet, Joe ends up discovering a giant monster, named Vandelar, rising out of the ground. After Captain Ultra and Huck find what Joe found, the trio run to a safe distance and watch as Vandelar destroys the mining area. Vandelar then starts going after Captain Ultra and his crew and starts shooting it’s Laser Eyes at them. Captain Ultra manages to use his laser gun to shoot one of the eyes off, harming Vandelar. This gets the Vandel’s attention as they stop experimenting on Akane and Kenji to handle their situation, giving Akane time to send a morse code to Captain Ultra that Huck manages to pick up on. Through the Morse code, Akane says that she and Kenji are inside Vandelar, revealing that he’s really a giant robot. Captain Ultra and Joe then use Huck’s arm to shoot rockets at Vandelar until they manage to shoot his right arm off. They then shoot at Vandelar’s legs to make him trip, allowing Captain Ultra to enter through the arm hole and fight off the Vandels to save Akane and Kenji. Before they run out the body, Captain Ultra places a time bomb within Vandelar. As everyone runs away, Vandelar tries to chase after them but he ends up falling down due to his weakened state and the bomb detonates from within, blowing him up.


Burrowing: Vandelar first appears rising out of the ground, showing that he may be able to burrow through the ground.

Smoke: Vandelar can shoot smoke out of it’s mouth.

Laser Eyes: Vandelar can shoot two thin white lasers from it’s eyes. The strength of the laser eyes are average.

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