Todain(トーダイン Tōdain) is a lighthouse Geister Robo from Episode 6 of Brave Exkaiser.


Todain has a tall appearance with short, thick legs and a red cycloptic eye on the head. It‘s entire white body is made from the lighthouse with four long, extendable arms with each one ending with a four-clawed hand.


After hearing about a sunken ship in the ocean with possible treasures inside, Dino Geist sends out Thunder Geist to retrieve it, despite him not knowing what it is. Ptera Geist hands him an Energy Box and instructs him to place it on the lighthouse that's nearby the area. After putting the Energy Box on the lighthouse, Thunder Geist goes to retrieve the sunken ship. At the time, Kouta was in a underwater tour with Kotomi for a date, where Thunder Geist knocks the submarine down for being in the way. Thunder Geist was unable to move the sunken ship due to it's size, so he activates the Energy Box to have it turn the lighthouse into a Geister Robo called Todain. Todain goes into the ocean to lift the sunken ship up. Fortunately, Exkaiser arrives and fights against Thunder Geist. During their fight, one of Thunder Geist's attacks accidentally activates volcanic activity underwater, causing Todain to drop the sunken ship. Thunder Geist retreats and Exkaiser goes to save Kouta and everyone within the crashed submarine. However, Todain interferes and tries to attack Exkaiser. With the Geister Robo in the way, Exkaiser calls forth King Roader and combines with it into King Exkaiser. Afterwards, King Exkaiser uses Kaiser Shot, but Todain obliterates the spinning blades with it's Eye Beam and rams at King Exkaiser. Todain pins King Exkaiser to the ocean floor while the volcanic activity gets worst. Fortunately, the ground underneath them shoots up lava that destroys Todain's four arms and right leg. Upon being freed, Exkaisers summons his Kaiser Sword. When Todain gets back up, King Exkaiser destroys the Geister Robo with Thunder Flash. After destroying Todain, King Exkaiser was able to rescue the submarine from the erupting ocean floor.


Four Claw Arms: Todain has four long and extendable arms with claws.

Swimming: With a propeller at the bottom, Todain is able to swim through water.

Eye Beam: From it's one red eye, Todain can shoot a red beam.

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