Tirema(タイヤーマ Taiyāma) is a tire-based Kaiju that appeared in Episode 2 of Thunder Mask.

Subtitle: Large Rotating Devil Monster(大回転魔獣 Daikaiten Majū)


Tirema has the appearance of giant, orange-colored, spiked wheel with it’s head and limbs sticking out on one side and it’s tail underneath. It’s head and limbs are covered with dark green scales with a reptilian appearance.




Wheel Form: Tirema is able to retract it’s head and limbs within its tire body to form into a giant wheel.

Flight: When in Wheel Form, Tirema is able to fly around like a flying saucer.

Spikes: Tirema has spikes around the sides it’s tire body and two big retractable spikes on each side that it can use to stab at it’s opponents when in Wheel Form. It can also spin it’s body to have the spikes act like drills.

Fire Breath: Tirema can breathe a deadly stream of fire from its mouth.


  • Tirema’s name is a combination of “tire” and “ma”, which in Japanese stands for “demon” or “Devil”.
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