Tiegel 5656(ティーゲル5656 Tīgeru 5656) is the first piloted robot that appeared in Episode 1 of The Brave Express Might Gaine.


Tiegel has a completely red body with short legs and big arms. It wears a yellow, metal-plated, loincloth with black stripes, yellow cuffs around the arms, two flat pincher claws for hands, and tanks treads for the bottom of the feet. It has a small gray face with green eyes, two long teeth sticking up from the bottom jaw, and two yellow horns curved upward on each side of the head. Being based-off of Raijin, Tiegel 5656 is surrounded by Taiko drums that are carried on its back.


Somewhere in the city, hidden in an old factory on a hill, a brilliant robotic engineer named Wolfgang has created a giant robot named Tiegel 5656. Taking great pride for his creation, Wolfgang pilots Tiegel 5656 to steal a huge amount of electricity from the Mabuyoshi Power Plant for his research. Once Wolfgang and two of his henchmen start stealing electricity with Tiegel 5656, it causes a blackout onto the whole city. The city’s police arrive to stop Wolfgang, but however, due to Tiegel 5656’s huge size, the police were easily beaten. Wolfgang and his henchman were about to continue stealing electricity until a girl named Sally arrives and begs them to stop, as her father was in the middle of surgery before the blackout. Wolfgang doesn’t listen, but is then attacked by Maito Senpuuji in his Might Wing and is then confronted by Maito’s robotic AI partner, Gaine. Maito rescues Sally from the area while Gaine fights against Wolfgang’s Tiegel 5656. Gaine gets pinned to the ground by Tiegel 5656’s Pincher Claws, so Maito, after getting Sally to a safe area, calls forth Locomoriser and helps Gaine out within his Might Wing. Once Locomoriser arrives, Maito’s Might Wing and Gaine combine with it to form into Might Gaine. Once Might Gaine confronts Tiegel 5656, Wolfgang has his creation fire missiles at the advanced robot, but Might Gaine destroys the missiles with the Dou-Rin-Ken, much to Wolfgang’s surprise. For Wolfgang’s crime, Might Gaine jumps up to the sky with the Dou-Rin-Ken charged up and Maito uses Ichimonji-Giri to slice Tiegel 5656 down the middle, instantly destroying it. Wolfgang and his henchmen made it out in time before the explosion, but Wolfgang vows to get back at Might Gaine.


Pincher Claws: Tiegel 5656 has flat pincher claws for hands.

Electrical Draining Prongs: On the right arm, Tiegel 5656 can pull out to metal prongs resembling an electric plug to drain electricity.

Mouth Flamethrower: When Tiegel 5656’s mouth opens up, it reveals a flamethrower to shoot flames at its opponent.

Missiles: Tiegel 5656 can shoot missiles from the middle of its chest.

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