Tettora(テットラー Tettorā) is a Geister Robo that appeared in Episode 3 of Brave Exkaiser. It’s name could also translate as Tettlar or Tettler.


Tettora has the appearance of a mechanical, dark green tortoise with a dark gray head and underbelly. Being made from a cooling tower, Tettora’s body is made from the base of the cooling tower with the tower itself placed on top of Tettora, taking place where the shell is suppose to be.


When the Geisters plan to steal electricity, they turned 4 power line towers into Geister Robos, called Tetton, to attack the cooling tower. When the tower starts to go into a meltdown, the Geisters turn it into a Tortoise-like Geister Robo called Tettora. Fortunately, three Kaisers called the Max Team arrive and fought off the Tettons. They then combine into God Max and start to attack Tettora, so Ptera Geist commands the Tettons to merge into one Tetton and to have it fight God Max. With God Max distracted, the Geisters start to run off with Tettora, but then Exkaiser and the Raker Brothers arrive in time. They confront the Geisters and combine into King Exkaiser and Ultra Raker. After they defeated the Geisters, and after God Max destroys Tetton, Tettora fights back against the Kaisers with it's tentacles. Meanwhile, the nuclear core of the power plant on top of Tettora is starting to overheat. When Exkaiser hears about this from Kouta, he and the Kaisers slice off the tentacles, rendering it defenseless. Ultra Raker pulls the power plant off from on top of Tettora with Ultra Double Chain Crusher while King Exkaiser and God Max lift up the Geister Robo so the power plant can slide off. Once they succeed in getting the power plant, King Exkaiser summons his Kaiser Sword and uses Thunder Flash to slice Tettora down the middle with the burst of energy shooting out from his sword, destroying Tettora.


Grapple Tentacles: Tettora has tentacles around it's body with each one ending with a grapple claw.

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