Tetton(テットン Tetton)are four Geister Robos that appeared in Episode 2 of Brave Exkaiser. They can merge with each other into Great Tetton(グレート テットン gurēto tetton


Each Tetton has the appearance of a red dinosaur standing upright. Their bodies are made out of eletrical towers with the tips acting as the horn on their heads. When merged as Great Tetton, it appears bigger with a longer neck, longer arms and is given two antenna-like horns.


The Geisters start to target electricity to steal, since it is considered a treasure for human life, so Dino Geist tells them to go to the main source at a Nuclear Power Plant. When the Geisters arrive there, they use Geister Energy Boxes to turn four power line towers into four dinosuar-like Geister robos called Tetton. The Tettons start attacking the cooling towers, sending them into a meltdown. After Geisters steal the power plant after turning it into another Geister Robo, called Tettora, three Kaisers, called the Max Team, arrive and confront the Geisters. The Tettons try to shoot their lasers at the Max Team, but they dodge the attack in time and strike the Tettons. The three Kaisers then combine into God Max and start attacking Tettora. However, Ptera Geist commands the four Tettons to merge into one huge Tetton, called Great Tetton. Great Tetton tries to step on God Max while the Geisters try to run off with Tettora, but fortunately, Exkaiser and the Raker Brothers arrive in time and fight off against the Geisters. God Max continues his fight with Great Tetton and uses his God Sonic Buster, where he launches an array of energy rings on Great Tetton. When the energy rings tighten around Great Tetton, the Geister Robo becomes weakened and crumbles apart.



Mouth Beams: The Tettons can shoot small yellow laser beams from their mouths. They can also shoot big red laser beams as well.

Fusing: The Tettons can merge together into one bigger Tetton.

Great Tetton

Tetton(Merged Form)

None Shown

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