Tankil(タンギル Tangiru) is a tanker ship-based Machine Beast from Episode 7 of Gear Fighter Dendoh.


Tankil has the appearance of long, black tanker ship with some areas tan-colored. It has a tan-colored body at the end of the tanker ship with no limbs but has an orange-colored visor in place for it’s eyes. It has two worm-like missile pods with the opening surrounded with dark gray teeth.


When one of the Probes waits for an exact location for a Data Weapon in a shipyard, he manages to locate one from a tanker ship that it’s driving on it’s own. Once locating it, the Probe summons a Galfa Machine Beast. When the Galfa Machine Beast arrives, fighter jets appear and start shooting at it. The Galfa Machine Beast manages to fight back and merges with another tanker ship into Tankil. Tankil shoots down the remaining fighter jets and rams into the tanker ship, forcing out the Data Weapon, Bull Horn. Hokuto and Ginga arrive with Dendoh and summon Unicorn Drill to destroy one of Tankil’s Missile Pods. The other Missile Pod fires it’s missiles but Dendoh manages to dodge them and grabs a hold onto the Missile Pod’s teeth. Dendoh manages to tear off two of the teeth but the Missile Pod knocks the super robot down onto Tankil’s Laser Pods. Dendoh shields itself when the Laser Pods fire at it, but the lasers get deflected and end up hitting the port, setting it on fire. In order to prevent the port from burning down, Hokuto and Ginga head toward it and use Fire Wall to stop the flames from spreading. Tankil starts firing at the Fire Wall barrier in order to break it down. Hokuto and Ginga continue to hold on, but unfortunately, Dendoh’s battery starts to run out. As Tankil fires endlessly at Dendoh’s Fire Wall, Bull Horn, being provoked by the flame’s red color, suddenly starts ramming at the Machine Beast, interrupting it’s firing. Once Bull Horn stops ramming at Tankil, the Data Weapon vanishes away. With very little battery left, Hokuto and Ginga use Unicorn Drill Final Attack to shoot a beam through Tankil’s body, blowing the Machine Beast up.


Missile Pods: Tankil is equipped with two missile pods that can launch an array of missiles.

Swimming: Being made from a tanker ship, Tankil is able to swim on top of the water and can even ram itself at it’s targets.

Laser Pods: On the deck and in the sides of Tankil’s ship body, it holds multiple laser pods that can fire purple lasers, some of which can curve downwards when fired.

Body Lasers: From Tankil’s main body, it can fire purple lasers from its abdomen and from it’s head.

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