Talon Combat Machine is an unnamed Combat Machine from episode 18 of Armored Fleet Dairugger XV.


The Talon Combat Machine has a dark gray-colored, spherical-shaped body with one yellow eye with five tubes, three antenna-like cannons on top, and one cannon in place for it’s pelvis. It has two thin legs, two arms that end with big tan-colored, four-fingered claws.


As the Rugger Team is conducting a joint exploration with Marius’ fleet on a primitive planet, Captain Lafitte, who was promoted to Exploration Captain after Captain Barataria’s death, orders Captain Marius to resume their own exploration. The Marius Fleet starts destroying the planet’s environment to make room for a Frontline Base, much to the Rugger Team’s shock. Captain Ise, who was also promoted, tries to negotiate with Captain Marius but the Rugger Guard is suddenly alerted of a Talon Combat Machine being released. The Talon Combat Machine arrives at the planet and starts attacking the Rugger Team. The Rugger Team try to avoid direct combat, so they enter the Galveston’s battle formation so the Talon Combat Machine won’t attack them recklessly. However, the plan doesn’t go anywhere and only exhaust the team members, so the Rugger Team have no choice but to form into Dairugger XV and fight off all the Combat Machine. Once they form Dairugger XV, the Talon Combat Machine fires at them with it’s Laser Eye Beam and chases after the super robot up to the sky. Once they confront each other, Dairugger XV uses Shot Arrow to throw at the Talon Combat Machine and manages to destroy two of it’s Body Cannons and it’s left leg. Dairugger XV then knocks the Talon Combat Machine back down to the planet’s surface and summons the Dairugger Sword to slice the Combat Machine as it lays helplessly on the ground, destroying it.


Levitation: The Talon Combat Machine is able to levitate through space and through air.

Claws: The Talon Combat Machine is equipped with two big claws on each hand.

Laser Eye Beams: The Talon Combat Machine has a 5-tubed laser beams in it’s eye that fire red laser beams. The eye itself can also shoot one big red beam when it glows red.

Body Cannons: the Talon Combat Machine is equipped with four laser cannons around it’s body that can fire red laser beams.

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