Stegosaurer(ステゴザウラー Sutegozaurā) is a Stegosaurus-based Skeleton Mecha that appeared in Episode 2 of Daikengo.


Stegosaurer has the appearance of a Stegosaurus fossil with dark brown bones with light brown toes and rib cage.


After Ryger and his team have found Roboleon’s home base, they plan a sneak attack. When they start attacking the home base in the three vehicles that make up Daikengo, a Stegosaurus Skeleton Mecha called Stegosaurer rises up from the ground  in front of the base to fight them off. Ryger immediately commands that they form into Daikengo, so they combine the three vehicles into the Cosmic Devil. When Stegosaurer gets out of the ground, a second Stegosaurer rises out as well. Upon seeing two of them, Daikengo uses Kengo Space Torpedoes, but the two Skeleton Mechas dodge them and start to breath fire at the Cosmic Devil. One of them hits Daikengo with it’s tail, but then Daikengo uses Daiken Cutter to harm it. The second Stegosaurer attacks Daikengo from the back and pins the Cosmic Devil to the ground. Daikengo tries to break the Stegosaurer’s jaw off, but the other Stegosaurer starts to breath more fire. However, the Daikengo manages to pull through and gets the second Stegosaurer off, tearing the jaws off in the process. Daikengo then summons the Death-Cross Swords. Daikengo fights off the second Stegosaurer with the Death-Cross Swords, but then the first Stegosaurer tries to attack with it’s tail again. Fortunately, Daikengo blocks the attack with one of the swords and thrust the sword at the first Stegosaurer. The first Stegosaurer catches it with it’s jaw, so Daikengo uses the Kengo Space Torpedoes again and shoots the Skeleton Mecha away. Daikengo finish things off by using Galaxy-Support, where the Death-Cross Swords are powered up with energy. Daikengo strikes the first Stegosaurer with the energized Death-Cross Swords and manages to destroy the entire Skeleton Mecha. The Cosmic Devil then charges toward the second Stegosaurer. The second Skeleton Mecha launches the plates from it’s back at Daikengo, but the Galaxy-Support destroys them. Finally, Daikengo slashes across Stegosaurer’s entire body and destroys the second Skeleton Mecha.


Flamethrower Mouth: Both of the Stegosaurers can shoot fire from the flamethrowers in their mouths.

Levitation: Both of the Stegosaurer can levitate in the air.

Tails: Both of the Stegosaurers have tails with four spikes on the side that they use to hit their opponent.

Back Fin Launch: One of the Stegosaurers can launch the back fins at it’s opponent. It is unknown if the second Stegosaurer can do this.


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