Space giants title card

Ambassador Magma(Goldar in the U.S. Dub) is fighting with the main villian of the show, Rodak

Space Giants is the very first live-action kyodai hero show that even predates Ultraman. What's different from this show from the rest of the kyodai shows is that the different stories keep continuing through 4 episodes..... more to come

Most of the kaiju in the show has their Japanese names changed for the U.S. dub.

list of Kaiju: Japanese name (U.S. name change)

  • Moguness (Molesaurus)
  • Birdora (Birdaurus)
  • Frenix (Zandosis)
  • Aron (Taron)
  • Gareon (Ranautis)
  • Drox (one of the few characters who didn't get it's name changed)
  • Stopgon (Noronda)
  • Dakoda (Vacuma)
  • Black Giant (Gor)
  • Teravarden (Gorda)
  • Pidora (Nardo)
  • Sangiras (Claw)
  • Grania (Dilas)
  • Balzas (Ghana)
  • Jigira (Magno)
  • Umibozu (Gonda)
  • Kanix (Lodi)
  • Kindora (Rada)
  • Goa Gongon (Kono)
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