Space Combat Machine is an unnamed Combat Machine that appeared in Episode 6 of Armored Fleet Dairugger.


The Space Combat Machine has a brown-colored, spherical-shaped body with two antennas and a head fin on top. It has a slit-like visor in front that presumably acts like the eyes, has two opened cannons on each side of the body, and has a narrow lower body that holds two cannons with three-bladed cables. It also has a satellite-like pole with two panels upfront and two poles with other panels behind the two cable cannons.


After Commander Drake tricks the Rugger Guard into going through a meteor shower, the fleet head toward a meteor planet while repairing the ship. Using this to his advantage, Commander Drake orders an attack and has a Space Combat Machine sent out. The Rugger Team head on out to form into Dairugger XV and fight off the Combat Machine. Aki tells the Rugger Guard to retreat immediately while Dairugger XV fires at the Space Combat Machine. When the Rugger Guard gets away, the Space Combat Machine flies off, so Dairugger XV chases after it. However, the Space Combat Machine turns back and fires it’s Bladed Cables at the super robot, wrapping it around and shocking the Rugger Team. The Space Combat Machine then drags Dairugger XV toward into deep space, allowing Commander Drake and his forces to head toward the defenseless Rugger Guard. Seeing the Galveston Empire is heading toward the Rugger Guard, the Rugger Team break Dairugger XV apart into their own separate vehicles in order to escape the Space Combat Machine’s Bladed Cables. Aki then forms the vehicles back together into Dairugger XV to continue fighting off the Combat Machine. The Space Combat Machine launches it’s Bladed Cables again, but Aki forms the Dairugger Sword and slices the cables off. The Space Combat Machine tries to flee but when Dairugger XV fires Rugger Beam at it, the Combat Machine turns back and fires Laser Projectiles at the super robot. Dairugger XV charges toward the Space Combat Machine, while evading the Laser Projectiles, and uses the Dairugger Sword to slice the body, destroying the Space Combat Machine.


Flight: The Space Combat Machine is able to fly around in space.

Laser Bolt Cannons: The Space Combat Machine is equipped with two cannons on each side of it’s body that can fire red laser bolts.

Electric Bladed Cables: The Space Combat Machine is equipped with two cables with three claw-like blades attached. They can be used to wrap around the opponent and discharge electricity to shock them.

Laser Projectile Cannons: When it’s Electric Bladed Cables get sliced off, the Space Combat Machine is equipped with a back-up weapon where two three-tubed cannons take place for the cables and can fire red energy projectiles.

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