Solvent Combat Machine is an unnamed Combat Machine from Episode 22 of Armored Fleet Dairugger XV


The Solvent Combat Machine has a dark-purple colored body while having purple-colored limbs. It has a spherical-shaped upper body half with a slim abdomen connected to a lower body that holds four spider-like legs with dark purple tips. It has long arms with dark purple claws and has a dark gray face that holds two arrow-shaped slits underneath it’s one yellow eye.


After Commander Teles gets relieved of his duties as the Frontline Commander, he gets replaced by Commander Luciano, who’s main objective is to eliminate earth to get them out of their way for searching for a habitable planet. Commander Luciano commands Captain Lafitte to attack the Earth Survey Team at the planet they’re at with his fleet. Lafitte’s Fleet manages to break through the Reinforcement Fleet so the Rugger Guard and the Rugger Team head out to fight against the fleet. During the battle, Lafitte has their Solvent Combat Machine unleashed. Being piloted by three Galveston Soldiers, they have the Solvent Combat Machine to cling onto the Rugger Guard’s main engine. Lafitte contacts the Rugger Guard and warns them to surrender otherwise they’ll be killed. With their allies unable to arrive on time, Commander Ise tells Aki to open up a path for the Rugger Guard to retreat through. However, Aki and his team members are determined to fight against the Galveston Empire so they instead form into Dairugger XV. Once Dairugger XV is formed, the Solvent Combat Machine starts covering the Rugger Guard with a solution. Dairugger XV summons the Dairugger Sword and goes for the first blow onto the Combat Machine but it gets out of the way, making Dairugger XV hit the Rugger Guard’s main engine by mistake. The Solvent Combat Machine then clings onto Dairugger XV’s back and starts crushing the super robot within it’s arms. Aki tells the captain to shoot their back in order to get the Combat Machine off, despite it putting the Rugger Team at risk. As soon as the Rugger Guard starts shooting at the Solvent Combat Machine on Dairugger XV’s back, Lafitte’s fleet starts shooting at Dairugger XV’s front. Fortunately, the Rugger Team manages to endure the gunfire long enough for the Solvent Combat Machine to lose it’s grip and fall off Dairugger XV. With the Combat Machine finally off, Dairugger XV goes after it and uses the Dairugger Sword to slice the Solvent Combat Machine down the middle, resulting in it blowing up. With the Solvent Combat Machine destroyer, the Rugger Guard makes it’s escape.


Flight: The Solvent Combat Machine is able to fly through space with a rocket engine underneath it.

Clinging: The Solvent Combat Machine can cling onto it’s target with a strong grip from it’s legs. It can also crush it’s targets with it’s arms.

Solution Spraying: The Solvent Combat Machine can spray a foam-like solution from the four tubes on it’s chest.

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