Siglight(シグライト Shiguraito) is a traffic light-based Machine Beast from Episode 7 of Gear Fighter Dendoh.


Siglight has a slim, blue-colored body with a giant black ring attached to it that holds it’s flat arms with each one ending with a four-fingered claw. It also has backward-bended knees, two cannons on it’s pelvis, and has signal lights for its head that act like the eyes.


A Galfa Machine Beast appears on Earth and merges with a signal light to become Sigliht in order to capture another Data Weapon, Bull Horn. Hokuto and Ginga were alerted by this, so they arrive in town with Dendoh. Once they confront Siglight, Dendoh immediately uses it’s arm turbines to smash through the Machine Beast’s entire body, destroying it.


Dual Pelvic Cannons: While not shown being used, Siglight has two cannons on it’s pelvic area.

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