Shigaru(シガル Shigaru) are Giant Robots that first appeared in Episode 1 of Saikyo Robo Daiohja. Their names could also translate as Shigal. They are based on real life historical troops of medieval samurai called the ashigaru.


The Shigaru are humanoid in shape with dark blue visors for their eyes, no visible mouths, and a small head fin. They have a brown/tan color scheme with their entire bodies mostly tan while wearing brown shoulder pads, pelvis guards, knee pads, and shoes with black shoulder guards hanging on each side.


When a young Prince, named Mito, is about to arrive at a planet in a space ship, as apart of his journey to go to the various kingdoms, along with two guards, Skade and Kaku, they suddenly encounter three giant robots, called the Shigaru, coming out of the atmosphere of the planet, called Birdland, and are chasing after a similar-looking robot with giant laser rifles. Thinking it’s unfair that it’s three-against-one, especially for against a giant robot with no weapons to defend itself, Mito boards on his giant robot, Ace Redder, to help out. The Shigaru manage to shoot down the robot they were chasing, but Mito manages to arrive in time and tells the soldiers piloting the Shigaru to face against him instead. The Soliders don’t listen, then they start firing their laser guns as they fly around, hitting the defenseless robot again. Mito manages to get Ace Redder to hold on the defenseless robot until Kaku arrives in his own giant robot, Cobalter, to defend the prince. Kaku uses the mace to deflect the laser beams and manages to destroy one of the Shigaru robots with it. Kaku helps Mito out with carrying the defenseless robot back to their ship, but the two remaining Shigaru start shooting at them with their laser guns. Suddenly, a space ship, piloted by another Edon guard named Flora Shinobu, appears and starts shooting at one of the two Shigaru with several lasers, destroying it. Mito and Kaku manage to make it back to their ship while the last Shigaru is shot down by Shinobu. The soldier inside the last Shigaru demands to know who is piloting the space ship, but Shinobu gives him no answer. Being the only one left, the solider escapes back to Birdland.


Flight: The Shigaru are able to fly through space with rocket engines underneath their feet.

Laser Rifles: The Shigaru are equipped with rifle guns that shoot orange lasers.

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