Seven-headed Jiiger(七首ジーガー Nanakubi jīgā) is the first Kaiju from the Super Robot Anime, Dai Apolon. It’s name could also translate as Jeager or Jeagar.


Jiiger has the appearance of a wingless-dragon. As stated by it's name, it has seven, long-necked, dragon heads that are all each connected at the same base of the body. Jiiger also has two rows of spinal fins on the back, mechanical legs where each one has three red hinges, and a long tail at the end.


When the Dazaan Empire arrive at Earth to conquer it, they start looking for the key energy that was from another planet called Apolon. After the Dazaan Empire had settled their base on Earth, Master Gyranik has Hido attack the city with the Seven-Headed Jiiger. The seven-headed Monster starts to use it’s fire breath on the city, with Hido controlling it while inside a cockpit on the monster’s back, to draw forth an Apolon that was living on Earth with the key energy. A 16-year old boy named Takeshi, who has the key energy in his body, arrives at the city with his friends in their UFO jets after some guidance from another Apolon named Rabi. Takeshi shoots at Jiiger with the UFO’s missiles, but then each of Jiiger’s heads starts to breathe fire at Takeshi until one of them hits him. Rabi tells Takeshi to summon the three robots: Edda, Trangu, and Legga. So when Takeshi summons them, he aboards into Edda and the three robots immediately combine into Dai Apolon. Dai Apolon charges toward Jiiger and starts destroying some of the heads, but Jiiger manages to get a hold of Dai Apolon’s arms and legs. Master Gyranik tells Hido to capture the Apolon alive, so Hido gets Jiiger to carry Dai Apolon up into the sky. Before the two giants could go further up, Takeshi’s friends help Dai Apolon out by firing missiles at Jiiger, making it let go of Dai Apolon. One of the heads shoots a bomb at Dai Apolon, so Rabi tells Takeshi to use Dai Apolon Ball. Dai Apolon pulls out two halves from it’s shoulders and puts them together to form a football and a circular blade is created around it. Dai Apolon throws it at Jiiger while it’s still in the sky and slices off most of the heads, leaving behind three. Finally, Dai Apolon uses Dai Apolon Beam where it fires a powerful beam from it’s chest at Jiiger. Hido manages to escape before Jiiger blows up.


Flight: Despite having no wings, Jiiger is still able to fly into the air.

Flame Breath: Each of Jiiger's heads are able to breath streams of fire.

Bombs: Jiiger can shoot bombs from one of it's heads.

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