Scoodas(スクーダス Sukūdasu) is an electric scooter-based Machine Beast From Episode 5 of Gear Fighter Dendoh.


Scoodas has the appearance of a giant, green-colored scooter with a small head on top with yellow eyes and big arms in place for the handles that hold black, cannon-like fingers. It also has short gray legs with green feet on each side of the front wheel.


After the Probes decide to capture a Data Weapon themselves in order to get promoted, they bring three electric vehicles to the Third Power Plant where a Data Weapon appears at. The Probes summon three Galfa Machine Beasts and have them merge with the electric vehicles. One of the Galfa Machine Beasts merges with the electric scooter and becomes Scoodas. When Dendoh arrives at the Plant, the Probes command their Machine Beasts to attack at the same time, with Scoodas coming in behind Camioon and Mobilz. The Probes have them engage a team called Triple Stream Attack where they form into a row and speed up toward Dendoh. However, when Mobilz rides up on Camioon’s back like a ramp, it ends up falling onto Scoodas and then crashing into Camioon, messing up their attack. Hokuto and Ginga summon their newly acquired Unicorn Drill so Scoodas and Camioon speed up on the ground and shoot tires at Dendoh. Dendoh manages to maneuver on the ground with it’s leg turbines to avoid the tires and manages to drill through Camioon’s body, destroying it. Hokuto and Ginga then chase after Scoodas. After Mobilz tries to fight back as well, Althea arrives within Knight Gear Ogre. Hokuto and Ginga uses Unicorn Drill Final Attack to defeat Ogre, but Althea gets it to move out of the way and the attack instead hits both Scoodas and Mobilz, destroying the two Machine Beasts.


Speed: Scoodas can speed up on the ground with a scooter wheel up front and from the back.

Triple Stream Attack: Along with Mobilz and Camioon, Scoodas can engage in a team attack where it covers from the rear.

Finger Tire Launchers: Scoodas can shoot out tires from out of it’s fingers.

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