Saurerz(ザウラーズ Zaurāzu) is piloted giant robot from Episode 3 of Saikyo Robo Daiohja. It’s name could also translate as Zaurerz.


Saurerz has a tan mechanical torso with dark green limbs. It has sharp claws on each hand, sharp toe claws, and a spike on each knee. It’s most noticeable appearance is the two red, long-necked, dinosaur heads with each one having two horns and the cockpit is shown in between the bases of the two necks.


When Prince Mito and his two followers arrive on a planet, called Deyuare Hoshi, where living Dinosaurs are on, they help a guardian of a dinosaur reserve, named Deru, and his son to find the culprits who have been killing off the dinosaurs for sport. It was soon discovered that the guardian’s Director, Jira, has been letting people hunt down the dinosaurs in exchange for gold and has Mito and Deru get locked up in jail. After Deru’s son, Kaku, Skade, and Shinobu help break them out, Director Jira has them surrounded by his guards. However, Kaku reveals Mito as the Edon Prince then they reveal their three mechs to prove it. Upon seeing the giant robots, Jira boards in his own giant robot, Saurerz. Jira and two of his Soldiers pilot Saurerz and confront Mito and his two followers in their own mechs. The three try to fight off against Saurerz, but the two-headed robot manages to fend them off. Seeing how powerful Saurerz is, Mito, Kaku, and Skade combine their mechs into Daiohja. Saurerz attacks Daiohja with it’s own moves, but Daiohja manages to avoid them and uses Daiohja Javelin to stab Saurerz in the chest. Mito then summons Daiohja’s Raimeiken and charges toward Saurerz to slice through the abdomen. From behind, Daiohja then jumps up to bring the Raimeiken down onto Saurerz and slices the body down the middle, destroying it and killing Jira.


Fire Breath: Saurerz’s two heads can breath a stream of fire at the same time.

Shoulder Beams: Saurerz can shoot two blue beams from it’s front shoulders.

Missile: Saurerz can launch a missile from it’s front abdomen.

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