Sand Tremor(サンドトレマー Sandotoremā) is the first Mecha Beast from episode 1 of The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird.


Sand Tremor has the appearance of a giant centipede with a long, dark green-colored body with multiple legs. However, Sand Tremor’s head has mouth filled with small, sharp teeth and has six eyes.


After an evil being named Draias came to Earth and meets an evil scientist named Dr. Jango, they immediately start their plan to destroy the world. At a base in a desert, a giant pit is found where two androids, Zol and Shura, come out and attack the workers. One of them calls forth the Mecha Beast, Sand Tremor, from the pit. Sand Tremor starts destroying the base, causing fires that are leading to fuel tanks. Fortunately, an android named Yutaro Katori and a boy named Kenta, arrive at the place in the Fire Jet and shoot water bombs to put out the fire. When Yutaro and Kenta get off the Fire Jet and see the Mecha Beast, Yutaro has Fire Jet transform into a robot and merges with it in the chest, becoming Fighbird. Fighbird confronts Sand Tremor, but the Mecha Beast unleashes flames from it's mouth at Fighbird. So Fighbird summons the Flame Breaster and has it connect to his body to fight Sand Tremor. Fighbird summons his Flame Sword and uses it perform Flame Barrier when Sand Tremor unleashes more of it's fire breath. So Sand Tremor lunges at Fighbird and tries to smash him with it's tail, but Fighbird slices it off with his Flame Sword. The Mecha Beast then shoots out four of it's legs with cables at Fighbird, but he manages to dodge them and slice them off. With Sand Tremor completely defenseless, Fighbird charges up his Flame Sword, setting it on fire. He then flies straight at Sand Tremor and slashes it's body, destroying it in an explosion.


Burrowing: Sand Tremor is able to burrow into the sands of the desert.

Cables: Sand Tremor can launch it's legs out with cables still attached to them.

Flamethrower Breath: Sand Tremor can shoot out fire from it's mouth.

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