Rugon(ルゴン Rugon) is a Haniwa Phantom from Episode 1 of Kotetsu Jeeg.


Rugon has a muscular body made out of stone. He has a small thick neck, blank yellow eyes and is wearing a brown breastplate on his chest.


After the ruler of the Jamatai Kingdom, Queen Himika, has been awakened, she unleashes a Haniwa Phantom named Rugon. Rugon starts attacking a city with his spear. Hiroshi arrives on his motorcycle, but when he crosses the bridge, Rugon throws a building at it and makes Hiroshi fall off. While he’s falling, Hiroshi puts his gloves together to become the head of the Steel Jeeg. Then, a woman named Miwa Uzuki is flying a jet and shoots out the body parts to build Jeeg’s full body. However, since this is his first time as Jeeg, Hiroshi messes up a bit, letting Rugon attack the head and body. After the brief struggle, Hiroshi successfully connects to the body and fully becomes Steel Jeeg. Rugon charges at him, so Jeeg uses Spinstorm where a beam shoots from his abdomen. Rugon, however, dodges it and attacks from the air. Jeeg then uses Knuckle Bomber where his fists launch together, but Rugon knocks them off with his spear and throws it at Jeeg. He manages to dodge it and the two giants charge at each other where it leads to Rugon getting a hold on Jeeg with his spear. Before Rugon can kill Jeeg with his spear, Miwa fires missiles at his right arm, blowing it up and letting go of Jeeg. Jeeg then uses his Knuckle Bomber again, but this time he aims for Rugon’s left leg and destroys it. Rugon still tries to fight back, so Jeeg uses his Magnet Power to pull Rugon toward him. Once Jeeg has a hold on him, he uses Jeeg Breaker and crushes Rugon in his arms. After a while, Rugon starts to break up and explodes to pieces in Jeeg’s arms, finally destroyed.


Spear: Leung's main weapon is a giant spear.


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