Roller Robot(ローラーロボット Rōrārobotto) is the first Brain Robot that appeared in Episode 1 of Daitetsujin 17.


Roller Robot has a gray-colored body with a rounded head that holds two horn-like antennas, a mouth grille, and red eyes. It carries a giant roller that it’s attached to by each side of the body. It also has two short arms underneath it’s chest that it uses to push and lift it’s giant roller.


A giant, artificial being, named Brain, disappears from an International Peace Corps Research Facility along with a scientist, named Professor Hastler. The International Peace Corps, also known as the Red Scarfs, search for Brain until one of the search units comes across a boy named Saburo and his family at a mountain. When they’re riding a truck through a mountain, a sudden landslide occurs that kills Saburo’s family and leaving him as the only survivor. After the death of his family, Saburo discovers that the cause of the landslide was a giant roller. After the Red Scarfs help Saburo recover, he runs off to find the monster that killed his family but ends up finding Brain’s secret base where he discovers a giant robot named One-Seven. Saburo tells the Red Scarfs about what he discovered when all of a sudden, a giant armed robot, named Roller Robot, is destroying the outskirts of Tokyo with a giant roller. Saburo recognizes it as the same one that caused the landslide that killed his family and the Red Scarfs realize that Brain must’ve created the Roller Robot. The Red Scarfs try to fight back against Roller Robot and they manage to destroy it’s horns. As they fight back against it, Saburo approaches the Roller Robot and throws one of soldier’s grenades at it to avenge his family’s death. The grenade, however, shows little to no effect and Roller Robot goes after Saburo. Just as Roller Robot was about to smash Saburo, One-Seven rises out from the ground and stops the giant roller, saving Saburo. One-Seven fights against Roller Robot and lays a bunch of punches, breaking through it’s body. After a short fight, One-Seven fires an attack from it’s abdomen, called Graviton, that causes the metal on Roller Robot to shrivel down like tinfoil and the giant robot eventually blows up.


Giant Roller: Roller Robot’s main weapon is a giant roller attached to it’s body. It can use the giant roller to smash through anything over it’s path.

Antenna Horn Bolts: Roller Robot can fire blue bolts from the tips of it’s antennas.

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