Robotras(ロボトラス Robotorasu) is a Mecha-Satan that appeared in Episode 2 of Wakusei Robo Danguard Ace.


Robotras has a thin humanoid body structure with a human-like face, but with a square lower jaw. It has no hands or feet, but instead has two cannons in place for it’s hands and two rocket thrusters in place for it’s feet. It has two giant blades, one for each arm, and is wearing a helmet on it’s head. It also had rounded shoulder guards, two fin running down over its chest, a symbol in the middle, a belt with multiple bulbs, and black spandex.


Doppler calls Ooedoo at his base to give him and everyone a final warning of not interfering with him, otherwise he’ll destroy their base. Later, when Doppler sees that had they not heed his warning, he has Vice Chancellor Hechi send down a Mecha-Satan, Robotras, to destroy their base and kill everyone. When everyone in the base sees that Robotras is heading toward them, Ooedoo commands for the barrier to be put up. Robotras flies over the base and starts firing missiles and electric bolts from it’s eyes at the barrier. Since the barrier won’t hold much longer against the attacks, Captain Dan, a mysterious man who was once captured by Doppler’s army and had his memory erased, goes out to fight back along with Takuma siding with him. Launching out in their own jets, Takuma immediately starts firing at Robotras. Captain Dan, however, tells him that the Mecha-Satan has an advantage in the open area, so they head toward a nearby canyon with Robotras following after them. The two pilots fly through the canyon where Robotras flies through as well and tries to hit them with it’s missiles and eye bolts. When they reach a dead end, they dive upward and make Robotras hit the wall. However, Robotras manage to burrow through the wall and rises back up from the ground next to the canyon. Captain Dan then engages Phase 2 on their attack plan. As he and Takuma fly straight toward Robotras, Captain Dan fires missiles at the Mecha-Satan’s face, making it open up it’s mouth. Captain Dan then flies out of Takuma’s path, allowing him to fire a missile directly into Robotras’ mouth, destroying the Mecha-Satan.


Flight: Robotras is able to fly with the rocket engines in place for it’s feet.

Electric Eye Bolts: Robotras can fire red electric bolts from it’s eyes.

Missile Cannon Arms: Robotras has two cannons in place for it’s two arms that can fire missiles.

Burrowing: When needed to, Robotras can burrow through the ground.

Arm Blades: Robotras is equipped with two blades, one on each arm. However, it does not use these blades in actual combat. Presumably, it uses the blades to burrow into the ground.

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