A series of unnamed giant flying robots that appeared in Episode 1 of Red Baron.


The Robot Drones have purple-colored heads and abdomens with a stinger-like body part on the abdomens. They have narrow gray arms with three-fingered claws and two helicopters rotors for flight.


When a man named Tetsuo Saeba called his daughter, Shoko, from his limo, he talks with her about her creation, Red Baron. However, before their conversion could go on, Tetsuo gets abducted by a Robot Drone while Red Baron gets taken from Shoko by a Carrier Robot. Later, Shoko and her robot sidekick, Robby, manage to use a carrier truck to steal Red Baron back from a mysterious man named Kaiser. However, the Robot Drones were sent after her and they manage to knock her out at the driver seat with their missiles, leading the carrier truck to head straight toward the docks. Fortunately, a man named Ken Kurenai manages to aboard on the carrier truck and prevent it from diving into the sea. After waking Shoko up, she mentions about Red Baron in the carrier, so Ken goes to the back to aboard in Red Baron. Meanwhile, Shoko continues running for her life from the Robot Drones until they make her trip, letting one of them get a close lock-on view of her. The Robot Drone prepares to kill Shoko, but is then suddenly smashed by Red Baron, now piloted by Ken. The Robot Drones set their sights on Red Baron and start firing at it, but Ken uses his fighting skills to destroy each one of them, leaving Red Baron surrounded by a flaming wreck.


Flight: The Robot Drones are able to fly in the air with their two helicopter rotors.

Machine Guns: The Robot Drones are equipped with two machine guns on each side of their heads.

Homing Missiles: The Robot Drones are able to shoot three homing missiles from underneath.

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