Robo No.1(ロボ第1号 Robo dai 1-gō), or Robo Daigan(ロボ ダイガン Robo daigan) is the first giant aerial robot from Episode 1 of Groizer X.


In it’s robot form, Robo No.1 has a a humanoid body structure with blades on it’s arms and a big blade on the back of it’s head. It has a dark brown and dark yellow color scheme with a red mouth and a blue plate on it’s abdomen.


When an alien race called Gaira plans to invade Japan in order to conquer Earth, they capture a Gaira scientist, named Dr. Yan, and have him create an aerial robot named Groizer X for the invasion. Dr. Yan instead entrusts it with his daughter, named Rita. Rita escapes toward Earth and crashes in an island in Japan, where she meets a pilot named Joe. In the Gaira’s first act in their plans to conquer earth, one of their soldiers, Captain Daigun, pilots a jet called Robo No.1 to attack Japan’s airports. When the air force arrive and try to shoot it down, they end up getting destroyed by Robo No.1’s Anti-matter Ray. Rita says that Groizer X is the only way to fight against Gaira, but she was in no condition to fight by herself. So she teaches Joe how to Groizer X against Gaira. Robo No.1 continues destroying the airport until Joe and Rita arrive in Groizer X. Captain Daigun is given orders to kill Rita and to take back Groizer X. The two giant jets duke it out in the sky until Groizer X destroys one of Robo No.1’s wings. Once Robo No.1 crashes to the ground, the Captain Daigun transforms it into it’s robot form. Rita refuses to hand over Groizer X, so the Captain Daigun gets Robo No.1 to attack them with it’s Anti-matter Ray. Rita gets Joe to transform Groizer X into it’s own robot form and they began the fight with Robo No.1. Near the end of their fight, Robo No.1 uses it’s Anti-matter Ray to immobilize Groizer X, but Joe uses Flash Bomber to launch a flying fist at Robo No.1’s face, knocking it down to the ground. Finally, Groizer X fires a ray beam from it’s antennas to destroy Robo No.1, killing off the Captain Daigun.


Flight: In it’s jet form, Robo No.1 can fly through the air.

Missiles: In it’s jet form, Robo No.1 can shoot missiles from the two tubes on each side near it’s head.

Anti-matter Ray: Robo No.1 can shoot two ray beams from it’s nose.

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