Robo Devil(ロボ デビル Robo debiru) is a piloted robot that appeared in Episode 2 of Groizer X.


When in robot form, Robo Devil has a red body with a yellow abdomen and has gray legs and pincher claws with three small fins on the arms. It’s face has a mouth filled with sharp teeth and diamond eyes with a black triangle in between. It also has a head fin with three-tubes to launch the missiles and the wings are held on the back.


When Gaira is sent out for another strike, the general, Jaggert, sends out of their soldiers, Captain Devil, in his robotic jet called Robo Devil. Captain Devil heads toward the Institute of Saikai nuclear research and starts blowing up the building to reach the nuclear reactor. Joe and Rita arrive at the area with Groizer X, so Captain Devil tries to shoot the jet robot down with Robo Devil’s Eye Lasers. Groizer X manages to dodge the lasers and blows up Robo Devil’s wings with it’s missiles. Upon crashing to the ground with the wings blown up, Robo Devil transforms into it’s robot form. Robo Devil continues attacking the Institute in order to destroy the nuclear reactor within, so Joe changes Groizer X in it’s own robot form to fight Robo Devil in close combat. The two giant robots start their fight each other where Groizer X has the upper hand. After using Hammer Punch and Hammer Kick against Robo Devil, Groizer X fires it’s antenna laser to blow up Robo Devil and kill Captain Devil.


Flight: When In jet form, Robo Devil can fly through the air.

Missiles: Robo Devil can launch three missiles from the the three tubes on its head fin.

Diamond Eye Lasers: Robo Devil can shoot bolt-like lasers from it’s diamond eyes. It can also shoot red missile-like beams.

Pincher Claws: Robo Devil is equipped with two pincher claws in place for it’s hands.

Head Fin Blade: Robo Devil’s head fin is sharp enough to stab it’s opponents with.

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