Rifuken(リフケン Rifuken) is a Geister Robo that appeared in Episode 9 of Brave Exkaiser. It can merge with Rifuken into one Geister Robo named Komaou(コマオウ Komaou)


Rifuken is a four-legged robot with almost the appearance of a hound. It’s body is dark gray with it’s limb just plain gray, has two claws on each feet, and has two red eyes. When merged with the Nio Komainu Robos into Komaou, Rifuken’s body is used as the lower-half of the body with one of the Nio Komainu Robos’ chest with four arms, each holding a different weapon, for the upper body.


While Horn Geist is looking around for more treasure to steal, he catches site of the cherry blossom trees and how everyone has gathered around them. Seeing them as treasure, Horn Geist brings Thunder Geist with him and they try to steal the cherry blossom trees. However, they kept on falling apart when Horn Geist tries to pick them up. Then, Thunder Geist catches sight of the Buddha Statue uphil, where Kouta and Kotomi are at. While Thunder Geist heads toward the statue, Horn Geist sees that it will be very heavy, so he places a Energy Box on a nearby lift, turning it into a four-legged Geister Robo named Rifuken. While Exkaiser arrives and knocks down Thunder Geist when he was about crush Kouta and Kotomi, Rifuken starts to grapple the Buddha statue. Exkaiser tries to pull the cables off the Buddha Statue while fending off against Rifuken. When Exkaiser does manage to pull the cable off, he jumps up and kick Rifuken in the neck, smashing it and leaving it laying on the ground. However, while Exkaiser was fending off against Rifuken, Thunder Geist has use two(or four) Energy Boxes to create two new Geister Robos, Nio Komainu Robo 1 and 2. Exkaiser manages to make quick work out of them and manages to tie up Thunder Geist and Armor Geist. However, after Armor Geist uses one of the Nio Komainu Robos’ Energy Box to turn the Buddha Statue into Nanmanda, he reactivates Rifuken’s Energy Box to have it merge with the Nio Komainu Robos into Komaou. After Nanmanda gets deactivated, Komaou faces against King Exkaiser with it’s weapons. It tries to use Rifuken’s tail on King Exkaiser, but he manages to slice it off and destroy Komainu with Thunder Flash.



Mechanical Grapple Cable: Rifuken can grapple it’s target with a cable rolled up in it’s chest.


Hand-held Weapons: Komaou carries four weapons, one in each hand. It carries two sword with it’s two upper arms, a lance in it’s lower right arm, and a pitchfork in it’s lower left arm

Cable Tail: Using Rifuken’s tail, Komaou can use it like a whip.

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