Red Spark(レッドスパーク Reddo Supāku) is the first Terror-Beast to appear in Episode 1 of Zone Fighter.

Subtitle: Cannon Terror-Beast (大砲恐獣 Taihō Kyōjū)


As the name suggest, Red Spark’s body is mostly colored red, but has green-flaps covering the neck, green ears, green furry flaps underneath the arms, and a green cannon sticking out of it’s stomach. On it’s head is a long yellow horn on the forehead, a snout, big flap-like ears, sharp teeth, and yellow eyes with red pupils. It’s body is covered with small spikes with two big ones on it’s shoulders, a row of spikes going down it’s spine and tail, axe-shaped spikes on each hip. Around it’s waist is row of flaps that have the appearance of a skirt. Red Spark also has ball-shaped hands with small tentacle-like fingers with angled sharp claws on each tip and a giant spike on each palm, which are most likely the thumbs.


When an alien species named Garoga set their sight on Earth to occupy, the leader, the Gold Garoga, sends down three Garoga aliens on Earth to first look for a family that once lived on a planet they destroyed, the Zone Family, and kill them. The three Garogas manage to gather the family into an abandoned building, along with their neighbor and her son, and are prepared to kill them. Fortunately, the Zone Family’s three children, Hikaru, Hotaru, and Akira, transform into Zone Fighter, Zone Angel, and Zone Junior and protected their family and friends to allow them to escape. After the siblings fight off their enemies, the three Garoga aliens merge together into one Terror-Beast named Red Spark. The Terror-Beast emerges right out from the abandoned building where Zone Angel gets Zone Junior out while Zone Fighter remains. Once Red Spark fully emerges out of the building, Zone Fighter transforms into his giant form and faces against Red Spark. The two start fighting each other as the day starts to turn into night. As the two giants fight, Red Spark starts gaining the upper hand against Zone Fighter and tries to blow him up with it’s Stomach Cannon. Zone Fighter manages to avoid the cannon shots and summons his Meteor Missile Might, which are missile cannons wrapped around his wrists. Zone Fighter starts firing his Meteor Missile Might at Red Spark‘s body until the Terror-Beast finally blows up.


Spark Hands: Red Spark can shoot out streams of sparks from right out of it’s hands.

Stomach Cannon: Red Spark can fire out from a cannon located on it’s stomach to blow up it’s target.

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