Paraborn(パラボーン Parabōn) is a Machine Beast that appeared in Episode 3 of Gear Fighter Dendoh.


Paraborn almost looks like a caterpillar with three legs and has a dark green-colored body. It’s most noticeable appearance is the giant parabolic antenna on it’s head which has a dark grey-colored satellite dish with claw-like horns around it and a dark red-colored antenna in front of it.


As the three probes look around for the Unicorn Drill, the Data Weapon suddenly appears in the computers of a Microwave Laboratory. The probes manage to locate it so they call forth a Galfa Machine Beast and a Capture Machine Beast. When the two Machine Beasts arrive at the laboratory, Hokuto and Ginga arrive as well with Dendoh. So the Galfa Machine Beast sticks it’s beak into the laboratory’s parabolic antenna, merging with it into Paraborn. Paraborn faces against Dendoh while the Capture Machine Beast continue to destroy the building. Hokuto and Ginga decide to take down Paraborn first, so they use Dendoh’s turbines to maneuver toward Paraborn. However, Paraborn’s Satellite Beam is too much for the young pilots as they keep trying to dodge it’s heated beams. So they maneuver Dendoh to behind Paraborn and attack from the back. However, when they jump up to attack the Machine Beast, Paraborn was able to turn around in time and fires another heated beam at Dendoh. Fortunately, Dendoh uses it’s arm turbine to deflect the beam back at Paraborn. This gives the boys the idea to shield themselves from Paraborn’s beams with Dendoh’s arm turbines. By using the turbines to shield itself, Dendoh makes it up close to Paraborn and performs Whirlpool Rotation Kick and Heavy Blast Drop to fatally damage the Machine Beast, resulting in it blowing up.


Satellite Beam: From the satellite on it’s head, Paraborn can shoot a heated orange beam.


  • Paraborn’s name comes from the word, “Parabolic”, since it was created from a Parabolic Antenna.
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