Octocrab(タコガニー Takoganī) is an Octous/Crab-hybrid Synthetic Beast that appeared in Episode 2 of Magne Robo Gakeen.


As the name suggest, Octocrab has the appearance of a crab with octopus tentacles for the lower half. The upper crab half has two metal pincher claws, eight crab legs with each one ending with a metal tip, a yellow underbelly, and a large mouth filled with teeth. The lower octopus half has a black base with green stripes where all the tentacles are connected to and all the tentacles have black spots around the base of them.


When the God Freedom ship detects abnormal waves coming from the Kii peninsula, Doctor Kazuki sends Mai in her Mighty to investigate the area. The abnormal waves turn out to be coming from the Izawarians as they have synthesize a crab and an octopus together to create a new Synthetic Beast, Octocrab. When Commander Brain is alerted about Mai’s Mighty coming to the area, he commands Underwater General Staffy to send out Octocrab to get rid of it so their underwater base wouldn’t get discovered. As Mai reaches the area, Migjty gets ambushed by Octocrab. Mai tries to fight back against the Synthetic Beast, but Mighty has no advantage underwater so Octocrab manages to get the upper hand in the fight. Octocrab grabs a hold onto Mighty and starts to firing it’s Eye Beams at it. After a while of being hit by the Eye Beams, Mai uses Mighty Needle to shoot one of the eyes off and manages to free Mighty. Although, when Mighty flies out of the ocean, Octocrab manages to grab onto it again with it’s tentacles. Fortunately, Takeru arrives in Puriaza and fights off the tentacles to free Mai. Once Mai’s Mighty is free, the two pilots eject out from their robots to merge together into a metallic plate and combine with the launched parts from God Freedom to form into Gakeen. Gakeen uses Foot Shark to slice Octocrab’s stomach and use Counter Knife and Gakeen Eraser to destroy the claws. After equipping Mighty and Puraiza as arm gauntlets, Gakeen shoots lasers at Octocrab to immobilize it while bringing it out of the water and into the air, where it starts to weaken. Once Octocrab is fully weakened, Gakeen use it’s full power to ram through the entire body and lets the Synthetic Beast crash back into the water, where it explodes afterwards.


Adapted Swimmer: Being created from two aquatic animals, Octocrab is able to swim in water.

Crab Leg Missiles: Octocrab can launch the tips of it’s crab legs like missiles.

Tentacles: Being half an Octopus, Octocrab can use it’s tentacles to grab it’s opponent.

Eye Beams: Octocrab can shoot yellow plasma beams from it’s eyes.

Metal Claws: Octocrab is equipped with two crab claws made out of metal.

Yellow Smog Breath: Octocrab can breathe out a cloud of yellow smog from it’s mouth.

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