Nio Komainu Robo(狛犬仁王ロボ Komainu niō robo) are two Geister Robos that appeared in Episode 9 of Brave Exkaiser. It can merge with Rifuken into one Geister Robo named Komaou(コマオウ Komaou)


Nio Komainu Robos have the appearance of Nio statues with Komainu faces for their entire chests. When merged with Rifuken into Komaou, it has the upper body of one of the Nio Komainu Robos with four arms, each holding a weapon, and has Rifuken’s body for the lower-half of the body.


When Thunder Geist and Armor Geist try to steal a Buddha Statue on top of a hill, Armor Geist creates a Geister Robo named Rifuken to carry it. However, Exkaiser arrives to interfere with their plans, Thunder Geist throws two(or four) Energy Boxes at two Komainu statues and two Nio statues. Once the four statues are brought to life, the Komainu statues merge with the Nio statues to turn into Nio Komainu Robo 1 and 2. After Exkaiser defeats Rifuken, he ends up dodging the Nio Komainu Robos’ attacks, but he manages to easily beat them with Flaming Nova and Impact Flash, destroying the Energy Boxes and leaving them deactivated. Exkaiser then captures Thunder Geist and Armor Geist, but Armor Geist telepathically gets a surviving Energy Box from one of the Nio Komainu Robos and places it in the Buddha Statue to turn it into a Geister Robo, named Nanmanda, and help them out. Once Nanmanda help free the two Geisters, Armor Geist reactivates Rifuken’s Energy Box and has it merge with the Nio Komainu Robos into Komaou. After King Exkaiser deactivates Nanmanda, Armor Geist gets Komaou to fight him as well. King Exkaiser summons his Kaiser Blade and fights off against Komainu’s weapons. After a brief fight, King Exkaiser uses Void Cherry Blossom Blizzard that stuns Komaou, allowing King Exkaiser to use Thunder Flash and destroy Komaou.


Nio Komainu Robo

Bo Staff: The Nio Komainu Robos’ main weapons are two bo staffs.


Hand-held Weapons: Komaou carries four weapons, one in each hand. It carries two sword with it’s two upper arms, a lance in it’s lower right arm, and a pitchfork in it’s lower left arm

Cable Tail: Using Rifuken’s tail, Komaou can use it like a whip.

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