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Neros(ネロス Nerosu) is a Megaborg who appears in Episode 2 of Daitarn 3.


When in his Megaborg form, Neros has a blue-colored body while wearing golden armor. His chest plate is black around the edge of the bottom and has a black stripe leading up across the chest. He also has a golden belt with a black war skirt and a helmet molded with the chest armor that covers the left eye


After being promoted to a Meganoid Commander by Don Zauser, Neros decides to use their plan to use an antigravity machine to alter the Earth. After Neros gets an entire city evacuated so he can do an experiment with his antigravity machine, he manages to bring a huge chunk of the ground with part of the city on top out and up floating in the air. When Banjo and Reika arrive on the floating city, Neros has his forces attack him. When they lose him, Neros talks through a microphone to ampilfy his voice on the city. He calls out to Banjo, telling him to give up.  However, Banjo and his friends manage to fight off all of his forces when they find his headquarters in the city and Banjo has him at gunpoint. Neros, however, escapes through a trap door and goes to a device that transforms him into a Megaborg, called the Macro Machine. Now as a giant, Neros tries to kill Banjo, but he manages to get away and calls forth Daifighter. After boarding and transforming it into Daitarn 3, the two start to fight each other in the air until Daitarn 3 sends Neros onto the ground. However, once on the ground, Neros starts to gain the upperhand in the fight. Neros then starts punching Daitarn 3 into a building until he crashes through it. Banjo then uses the Daitarn Cannon to shoot Neros out of the city. Once in the air again, Neros takes out his Chinese sword. He starts to fight with Daitarn 3, who is using the Daitarn Javelin to fight back with. When Neros breaks the Daitarn Javelin, Banjo uses the Daitarn Snapper to grab a hold on Neros's neck and swing him away. Banjo then uses Sun Attack and launches a circular energy at Neros's body. Finally, Banjo uses Daitarn Crash and has Daitarn 3 kick a hole through Neros's body, destroying him for good.


Laser Eye: From his right uncovered eye, Neros can shoot a green laser.

Shoulder Missiles: Neros can shoot missiles out of his shoulders.

Levitation: Neros can levitate in the air. 

Fingernail Launch: Neros can shoot out his fingernails at his opponent. 

Fire Breath: Neros can shoot fire from his mouth.

Sword: Neros carries around a Chinese sword.