Needle Combat Machine is an unnamed Combat Machine from Episode 23 of Armored Fleet Dairugger XV


The Needle Combat Machine has a brown-color scheme body while walking on five legs with two on each side on the lower body and one in the middle. It has no arms but instead has blade-like fins on each side and carries four-clawed grapplers in it’s shoulder areas. It also has an oval-shaped face with three red eyes and has a catapult on top holding a needle-like missile.


As the Rugger Team perform an all-out attack on the Galveston base in order to take back the planet, Lafitte’s Fleet fights back against them. Once the Rugger Team manages to destroy most of Lafitte’s Fleet, he sends out a Needle Combat Machine being piloted by thre Galveston Soldiers. Once unleashed, the Needle Combat Machine shoots at the Air Rugger and launches a needle-like missile that hits Mutsu’s vehicle’s energy inductor. With one of the vehicles leaking energy needed to form into Dairugger XV, Aki decides to form the vehicles into Dairugger XV immediately. Once Dairugger XV is formed, Aki summons the Dairugger Sword and faces off against the Needle Combat Machine on the ground. The Needle Combat Machine fires at Dairugger XV, but the super robot manages to dodge the attacks and goes to lay a blow with the Dairugger Sword. However, the Needle Combat Machine launches out it’s Grappling Claws and catches the Dairugger Sword. When Aki tries to strike it with the Dairugger Sword again, the Combat Machine knocks it out of Dairugger XV’s hand and launches another Needle Missile at the super robot. Fortunately, Dairugger XV was able to catch the missile and throws it back at the Needle Combat Machine when it lunges toward them, stabbing it in the face and through the cockpit. With the amount of damage the cockpit took, the Needle Combat Machine blows up in a massive explosion.


Flight: The Needle Combat Machine is able to fly through the air with rocket engines on the back of it’s legs.

Pectoral Laser Projectiles: The Needle Combat Machine has a 2-tubed laser cannon on it’s left pec that can shoot red energy projectiles.

Needle Missiles: The Needle Combat Machine is equipped with a supply of needle-like missiles that it can launch with a catapult on top.

Grappling Claws: The Needle Combat Machine can shoot out it’s claws with extendable cables attached to catch it’s opponent’s attacks or to knock them down.

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