Nanmanda(ナンマンダー Nanmandā) is a Geister Robo from Episode 9 of Brave Exkaiser. It’s name could translate as Nanmander.


Nanmanda has the appearance of a normal-looking Buddha Statue and nothing more.


When Thunder Geist and Armor Geist plan to steal a Buddha Statue up on a hill, they use Energy Boxes two create Rifuken from a lift and Nio Komainu Robos from four statues. However, Exkaiser interferes and manages to destroy the two Geister Robos and tie up Thunder Geist and Armor Geist. Not willing to give up, Armor Geist telepathically gets one of the Nio Komainu Robos’ surviving Energy Box and place it on the Buddha Statue, turning it into a Geister Robo called Nanmanda. Due to it’s huge size, Nanmanda was able to pick up Exkaiser and throw him to the ground. Once it frees Thunder Geist and Armor Geist, Armor Geist reactivates Rifuken’s Energy Box and has it merge with the Nio Komainu Robos into Komaou. Exkaiser fights against Nanmanda, but the Geister Robo proves to be too powerful for him. Exkaiser then calls forth King Loader and combines with it into King Exkaiser. Now almost at the same size as Nanmanda, King Exkaiser continues fighting with the Geister Robo. The two hold up against each where King Exkaiser almost loses. Fortunately, King Exkaiser manages to push back and punch Nanmanda in the face. Before Nanmanda could fall to the ground, King Exkaiser locates the Energy Box on Nanmanda’s back and smashes it, deactivating the Geister Robo turning it back into a Buddha Statue. With Nanmanda deactivated, King Exkaiser faces against Komaou and destroys it.


Strength: Due to it’s stone body and giant size, Nanmanda has incredible strength.

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