Mukadelar(ムカデラー Mukaderā) is a Majin created by Demon Scorpion that appeared in Episode 3 of Majin Hunter Mitsurugi.


Mukadelar has the appearance of a Chinese dragon with it’s long slender body and has multiple legs.


Demon Scorpion sends out another giant Majin called Mukadelar, a centiped/dragon hybrid. The Majin starts to burn down castles with it's fire breath as it goes through the land. However, four plan to fill a castle with explosives so it can blow Mukadelar up. Demon Scorpion, however, catches up with the plan and has the ammunition officer of the plan kidnapped so he can reveal which castle is filled with explosives. Until they can get the information out of the ammunition officer, Demon Scorpion gets Mukadelar to cease it’s destruction, much to the giant Majin’s dismay. Later, the Mitsurugi Siblings manage to rescue the ammunition officer. When they have him be reunited with his son, Mukadelar appears and goes after them. After the three siblings reunite the father and son, they cross their swords and turn into the armored giant, Mitsurugi. When Mitsurugi confronts Mukadelar, the centipede/dragon Majin breathes fire, but Mitsurugi uses the shield to protect itself. So Mukadelar flies around the armored giant and breathes more of it’s fire. Mitsurugi then shoots out the fireballs from it’s chest and the flaming daggers slice Mukadelar into multiple parts. The body parts fall down toward the ground, however the sliced off body parts start to walk on their own and they connect back to each other to form back into Mukadelar. Once put back together, Mukadelar wraps itself around Mitsurugi. Fortunately, the armored giant shoots out it’s fireballs to hit Mukadelar, getting the Majin to unwrap itself around Mitsurugi. Once free, Mitsurugi strikes Mukadelar’s head with it’s sword and the Majin falls down where it explodes.


Fire Breath: Mukadelar can breath fire from it’s mouth.

Flight: Despite having no wings, Mukadelar can fly through the air.

Surviving Dismemberment: Mukadelar can survive having it’s body sliced up and can put itself back together.

Constricting: Mukadelar can wrap itself around it’s opponents.

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