Mobilz(モビルズ Mobiruzu) is an Electric Minicar-based Machine Beast from Episode 5 of Gear Fighter Dendoh.


Mobilz has a red body with orange shading around it’s torso. It has a small, black face with green eyes within it’s torso with a second pair of green eyes above it. It also has dark gray joints, gray hands, and has wheels underneath it’s feet.


After the Probes decide to capture a Data Weapon themselves in order to get promoted, they bring three electric vehicles to the Third Power Plant where a Data Weapon appears at. The Probes summon three Galfa Machine Beasts and have them merge with the electric vehicles. One of the Galfa Machine Beasts merges with the electric minicar and becomes Mobilz. As soon as Dendoh arrives, the Probes command there Machine Beasts to attack at once, with Mobilz coming in between Camioon and Scoodas. The Probes have them engage Triple Stream Attack where Mobilz rides up on Camioon’s back like a ramp, but it ends up falling back onto Scoodas and crashing into Camioon, missing Dendoh in the process. After Hokuto and Ginga summon the newly acquired Unicorn Drill, Dendoh manages to destroy Camioon and chases after Scoodas. Mobilz launches out tires from it’s second pair of eyes at Dendoh, but the super robot uses Fire Wall to shield itself. Afterwards, Althea arrives within Knight Gear Ogre to face Dendoh. Hokuto and Ginga use Unicorn Drill Final Attack to defeat Ogre, but Althea gets it to move out of the way and the attack instead hits both Mobilz and Scoodas, destroying them both.


Speed: Mobilz is able to speed up on the ground with car wheels underneath it’s feet.

Triple Stream Attack: Along with Scoodas and Camioon, Mobilz can perform a team attack where they speed up while in one row and Mobilz rides up on Camioon’s back into the air.

Dual Eye Tire Launchers: Mobilz can launch out tires from out of it’s secondary pair of eyes when they open up. Mobilz tires appear to be more explosive than Scoodas and Camioon’s.

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