Missile Combat Machine is an unnamed Combat Machine from Episode 23 of Armored Fleet Dairugger XV.


The Missile Combat Machine has a black body with long, gray-colored, scrawny limbs. It has shoulder pads that each carry three homing missiles and has a big red eye on top with two head fins on each side.


When the Allied Fleet go to rendezvous with the Rugger Guard, Captain Drake and his fleet approach them and both sides start firing at each other with the Allied Fleet performing a Southern across formation. After a while, Captain Drake has their Missile Combat Machine unleashed, being piloted by a Galveston Soldier named Kell and two others. Once unleashed, the Missile Combat Machine starts shooting out missiles from it’s shoulders at the Allied Fleet in order to break their formation. Despite the Allied Fleet taking a lot of hits, they manage to keep their formation. After the Allied Fleet manage to destroy all of Drake’s fleet, except for his flagship, Captain Drake decides to ram his flagship at the Allied Fleet. Despite the oncoming attack, the Allied Fleet focus all their firepower on the Missile Combat Machine. As Kell is telling Captain Drake to stop his suicidal attempt, the Missile Combat Machine gets hit and becomes weakened. With the Combat Machine weakened, the Allied Fleet kept on focusing their firepower on it until they manage to get it to burst into flames and blow up, killing Kell and the two other soldiers.


Flight: With a rocket engine on it’s back, the Missile Combat Machine can fly through space.

Homing Shoulder Missiles: The Missile Combat Machine carries three homing missiles on each shoulder and can launch them out at it’s targets.

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