Melodin(メロディーン Merodīn) is a grasshopper/violin-based Devil Beast that appeared in Episode 4 of Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger.


Melodin‘s entire body is a giant violin with floating musical notes on each side acting as the arms and with the head of the violin baring pink bug-eyes and two more musical notes acting as the antennas.


Yaminorius III summons the Grasshopper Devil Beast and has it play it's violin to make anyone who hears it sleepy. The Grasshopper Devil Beast manages to make the whole town sleepy except for the Ganba Team and for a girl named Yurika, who was using earbuds to listen to music in a tape recorder. When Yaminorius III and the Grasshopper Devil Beast find out that Yurika is still awake, the Grasshopper Devil Beast chases after her into a building. She ends up hanging on the side of the building from a great height. When she drops her tape recorder, Yaminorius III orders the Grasshopper Devil Beast to make her sleepy with it's music. Before Yurika could fall asleep and fall down to her death, the Ganba Team arrive. Yaminorius III gets the Grasshopper Devil Beast to use it's music against the Ganba Team instead, making them sleepy. Fortunately, Yousuke grabs Yurika's own violin and creates a screechy sound to fight against the Grasshopper Devil Beast's music. After the Ganba Team manage to rescue Yurika from her fate, Yaminorius III destroys Yurika's violin and uses his amulet to unleash the Grasshopper Devil Beast's darkness, turning it into a giant Grasshopper/Violin monster called Melodin. The Ganba Team call forth their mechs and starting attacking Melodin, but none of their attacks have any effect. When Kotaro and Rikiya change Go Tiger and King Elephant into their human forms, the Ganba Team perform a ninja technique they learned called Go Flame Attack where King Elephant pushes Go Tiger up in the air, Mach Eagle shoots at Melodin, and Go Tiger breaths fire at Melodin when it rams at the Devil Beast in it's beast mode. When Melodin is knocked down, the Ganba Team combine their mechs into Ganbaruger. After combining, Ganbaruger binds Melodin with two energy rings launched from the shield and uses the Ganbar Sword to perform the Ganbar Final Attack, slicing the Devil Beast down the middle and destroying it.


Grasshopper Devil Beast
Grasshopper Devil Beast

Violin: As the Grasshopper Devil Beast, it can play it's violin to make whoever hears it sleepy.


F-Hole Beams: From the F-Holes on it's violin body, it can launch beams from them.

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