Loader(ローダ Rōda) is a Combat Machine that appeared in Episode 7 of Armored Fleet Dairugger XV.


Loader has dark green-colored, spherical-shaped body with four legs, two cannons in place for it’s arms, shoulder fins, one red eye, and a dark yellow chest. On it’s chest is a fire emitter that acts like a flamethrower and has three slits underneath it.


As the Rugger Guard heads toward an asteroid belt to rendezvous with their Reinforcement Fleet, Commander Drake and his forces arrive to attack them while they’re still in the middle of repairs. Fortunately, the Reinforcement Fleet fight Commander Drake’s forces before they could get near the Rugger Guard so they can continue with their repairs. The Aki Team arrive to help out, but the battle became too intense and they had no choice but to retreat. Once Commander Drake sees them retreating, he sends out a Combat Machine, named Loader, to help out in their battle. With only three ships left, Commander Drake prepares to finish them off. However, he learns that the rest of the Rugger Team are coming to help out their Reinforcement Fleet. Since Commander Drake lost 15 ships in the battle, he is instructed by Commander Teles to retreat in order to regroup and to let Loader handle the rest. The Rugger Team arrive at the scene but are too late as Loader has already destroyed the flagship of the Reinforcement Fleet with it’s Space Torpedos. Angered over the lost of their allies, the Rugger Team form into Dairugger XV to fight Loader. The Combat Machine fires it’s Flamethrower Chest at Dairugger XV, but only with little effect. After Aki summons the Dairugger Sword, Loader launches it’s Space Torpedos. Dairugger XV manages to shield itself with the sword, but it ends getting knocked back by explosions. Loader then fires it’s Eye Beam at the super robot, but the Rugger Team manages to endure it and gather up all of their energy to go for the final blow. Dairugger XV flies toward Loader with the Dairugger Sword, despite the Combat Machine using its Flamethrower Chest again. Dairugger XV manages to get upfront on Loader and slices the body in half. From a safe distance, Dairugger XV watches as Loader falls apart and blows up into a fireball, avenging the deaths of their allies.


Flight: Loader is able to fly around through space.

Flamethrower Chest: Loader is equipped with a flamethrower placed on it’s chest that can emit streams of flames.

Eye Beam: Loader can shoot a red beam from it’s one eye.

Space Torpedo Cannon Arms: Loader can launch two space torpedos from it’s arms.

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