Lizard is a Deathcula Mecha that appeared in Episode 3 of Star Musketeer Bismarck.


Lizard has an entirely blue body with it’s joints colored crimson. It has a slender appearance with three claws on each arm, but the claw on it’s left arm are longer and colored gray, has two long claws on it’s feet, and a tail at the rear.


After Shinji, Bill, and Richard rescue a bunch of captives from a Deathcula base, the leader, Zettler, summons a Deathcula Mecha, called Lizard, to prevent them from escaping. Once the captives run off to a safe distance, Lizard starts shooting missiles at the three, making Shinji call Marianne to bring Bismarck. The boys kept on shooting at Lizard until Marianne arrives with Bismarck so they could board in and transform it into it’s robot form. Once transformed, Bismarck shoots at Lizard but the Deathcula Mecha launches it’s Grappling Claw to bring Bismarck down and starts shooting missiles at it. Bismarck manages to endure the missiles and uses the Long Tom to blast Lizard’s arm off, disarming it of it’s Grappling Claw. Lizard then flies straight into the sky, fires more missiles at Bismarck, and tries to perform a flying kick at the giant robot. Fortunately, Bismarck punches Lizard, making the Deathcula Mecha land behind it. With Lizard down, Bismarck uses Volcanic Formation and fires all of it’s weapons at Lizard, destroying it.


Revolving Missile Cannons: Lizard is equipped with a revolving wheel-like cannons in it’s shoulders that can fire multiple missiles.

Grappling Claw: Lizard can shoot out it’s left claw with a cable still attached to grapple it’s opponent.

Flight: Lizard is able to fully straight up into the sky with rocket thrusters underneath it’s feet and tail.

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