Kanekujira(カネクジラ Kanekujira) is a Majin created by Demon Scorpion that appeared in Episode 4 of Majin Hunter Mitsurugi.


Kanekujira has the appearance of a Dodo Bird with a rhino horn and a thick, scaly hide.


Demon Scorpion creates another Majin, the gold specter Kanekujira, to strike at vaults belonging to merchants and to swallow up the gold coins being contained in each one. One of the merchants tries to move all of his gold coins to another location, but the Scorpion Army caught up with them and stole the gold coins. When the Mitsurugi Siblings investigate, they witness Kanekujira eating the wagon of gold coins. While they wonder what Demon Scorpion’s target is, Kanekujira is ordered to spit out the gold coins it devoured onto all of Edo. When the citizens start collecting them, the gold coins turned out to have been poisoned in Kanekujira’s stomach, affecting the citizens and turning them insane. Kanekujira has already appeared in four villages and poisoned the people. Fortunately, the Mitsurugi Siblings manage to steal all the gold coins from the next targeted vault before the Scorpion Army could. As they get away with the gold coins in a wagon, Kanekujira appears. The siblings then cross their swords together to form into Mitsurugi. The giant confronts Kanekujira, who jumps toward Mitsurugi only to get knocked down by the shield. Kanekujira shoots gold coins at Mitsurugi and burrows into the ground. Mitsurugi tries looking for the gold specter by stabbing into the ground until Kanekujira pops out of it, knocking the giant down. When Mitsurugi gets back up, it launches the fireballs but they are deflected by Kanekujira’s thick skin. One of the siblings, however, realizes that Kanekujira is starting to use up all the gold coins in it’s stomach, so it has to swallow up the wagon of gold coins they took. Mitsurugi flips Kanekujira over toward a pond, where one of the siblings hope that it will sink in when it swims through pond toward the wagon of gold coins. When Kanekujira swims through the pond, Demon Scorpion points out that he made the gold specter amphibious in case of a situation like this, so Kanekujira made it to the gold coins. Mitsurugi doesn’t do anything however as it turns out that one of the siblings placed bombs in the wagon. So when Kanekujira swallows up the bags of gold coins, the bombs detonate and blow up Kanekujira from inside.


Burrowing: Kanekujira can burrow into the ground.

Poisoning Gold: When Kanekujira swallows up gold coins, it can poison them within it’s stomach and spit them out to affect unsuspecting victims.

Impenetrable Skin: Kanekujira has a thick skin that protects it from any attack.

Adapted Swimmer: Kanekujira is able to swim through water due to Demon Scorpion making it amphibious for such situations.

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