Jokiller(ジョキラー Jokirā) is the first Devil Beast from Episode 1 of the 2nd entry of the Eldran Series, Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger.


Jokiller has a scissor body with the limbs floating next to it. The eyes are in place of the handles of the scissors. It has four arms, each other with a scythe Blade.


When a sealed demon king named Gokuark manages to get free, a being of light named Eldran immediately reseals him. However, Gokuark was able to send out his servant, Yaminorius III, out of the sealment. Eldran sends out Ganbaruger after Yaminorius III and the two fight each other out. When Yaminorius III was able to lose Ganbaruger, he ends up in a movie theater while a movie was playing. Yaminorius III assumes a human form and performs a ritual where he creates a symbol on the screen, does a chant, and takes out a book to tear out a page and place in the symbol. Upon doing so, the movie screen turns black and a giant Mantis/Scissor-like monster named Jokiller comes out and frightens the audience. Jokiller goes out into town and starts showing off it's power. Later, after Eldran gives three kids the power to transform and to use Ganbaruger, who is divided into three mechas, Jokiller arrives and confronts them. Due to the boys having no experience in battle, they use their individual mechas to run away from it. Jokiller chases after them and uses it's shadow ability to stop them. Fortunately, the boys are slowly starting to understand how to use their mecha and are able to turn them into their human form. Jokiller is still able to gain the upper hand until the boys discovered how to combine their mecha into Ganbaruger. Jokiller tries to attack them one more time, but Ganbaruger was able to catch the attack. The boys immediately summon Ganbaruger's sword to use the finisher. After using the shield to launch two rings at Jokiller to hold it in place, they summon the Ganbar Sword and use Ganbar Final Attack to slice Jokiller down the middle, destroying the Devil Beast.


Scythe Arms: Jokiller has Scythe for arms to slice objects.

Boomerang Scythes: When Jokiller spins it’s Scythe Arms around, it can throw them like boomerangs at it’s enemies.

Controlling Shadow: Jokiller can control it’s own shadow to rise up from the ground.

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