Jetlar(ジェットラー Jettorā) is the first Mecha-Satan that appeared in Episode 1 of Danguard Ace. It’s name could also translate as Jettler, Jetler, or Jettora.


Jetlar has a humanoid-body with a set of jet wings on it’s back. It has visor in place for it’s eyes and a mouth guard with the appearance of gaping fanged mouth.


When a tenth planet, named Promete, is coming closer to Earth, each nation is running space exploration test in order to reach it to gain new resources. However, a man named Dr. Doppler wants the planet for himself, so warns the nations to abort their space exploration plans. To show what will happen to anyone who goes against him, he sends out his Mecha-Satan, Jetlar, to attack an island base, called Space Tower, as it was the first base that refuses to cooperate with him. Jetlar attacks the island base and drops bombs all over it until the whole island blows up. Jetlar is then sent to attack a base where a giant robot, Danguard Ace, is being built at. The professor, Ooedo, of the base tells everyone to fight while they can. However, before they could fight back, Takuma, the son of a man deemed as a traitor, takes on of the base’s ships to ram at Jetlar in hopes of clearing his Father’s name. But then, a mysterious ship gets in Takuma’s way and crashes his ship to an island. The mysterious ship attacks Jetlar from above and manages to destroy it’s wings. As Jetlar falls down, the mysterious ship shoots again, setting it on fire. Takuma watches as the blazing Mecha-Satan crashes to the ground and explodes on impact, leaving him wondering if the pilot of the mysterious ship is an enemy or an ally.


Flight: Jetlar is able to fly in the air with it’s jet wings.

Antenna Lasers: Jetlar can emit lasers from the antennas on the sides of it’s head.

Ankle Laser Cannons: Jetlar has laser cannons in place of it’s ankles.

Bombs: Jetlar can drop red bombs from it’s chest.

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