Ikatank(イカタンク Ikatanku) is a Geister Robo that appeared in Episode 5 of Brave Exkaiser.


Ikatank has th appearance of a mechanical squid with large black hoses for tentacles and a shovel claw on top attached to another black hose. It’s entire body is the storage tank that it was created from with the pipes forming an arch on top to resemble the head of a squid.


The Geisters start to steal medicine from pharmacies after watching a commercial on TV of an energy drink called Magma Drink. After they successfully manage to steal all of the bottles, the drink has no effect on them. Angered, Dino Geist commands them to steal a larger source of the drink at the pharmaceutical plant they are made at. Once Ptera Geist and Armor Geist arrive at the plant, Ptera Geist plants an Energy Box on one of the storage tanks, turning it into Squid-like Geister Robo called Ikatank. Ptera Geist command Ikatank to start ripping off all the other storage tanks until Exkaiser and Dash Max arrive. They transform and knock Ikatank down. After they confront the Geisters, Ptera Geist gets Ikatank back up and it manages to wrap it's tentacles around Exkaiser and Dash Max while Ptera Geist and Armor Geist pick up one of the medicine tanks. Fortunately, Drill Max arrives and shoots at the tentacles to free Exkaiser and Dash Max. Sky Max arrives as well and manages to stop Ptera Geist and Armor Geist from stealing the medicine tank. The Max Team form into God Max and help Exkaiser face off against Ikatank. God Max holds off Ikatank so Exkaiser can call forth King Loader to combine with it into King Exkaiser. After combining, King Exkaiser kicks Ikatank and immediately summons his Kaiser Sword to destroy Ikatank with Thunder Flash.


Tentacles: Ikatank can use it's tentacles to constrict anything.

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