Helvers(ヘルバーズ Herubāzu) is a Mega Robo that appears in Episode 4 of Invincible Robo Trider G7.

It’s name could also translate as Hellbarz, Helvarz, or Helbarz.


Helvers are nothing more than a pair of giant, robotic hands with rocket engines at the wrist and with red indented finger tips.


A bunch of space ships from the Dainihon Space Expeditions have been mysteriously disappearing near the moon during their transports. So the company hires the Takeo General Company to look for the missing space ships. Watta heads out into space in Trider G7’s space ship form and searches for the missing space ships. As he looks around, Watta witnesses a pair of giant robotic hands, which are the Mega Robo, Helvers, launching up from the Moon and grabbing a passing space ship. Watta fires the Trider Missiles at the Helvers to bring it down. Watta transforms Trider G7 into it’s robot form and chases after the Helvers when it flies off with the space ship. Trider G7 tries to pry one of the Helvers off the space ship, but the other Helver punches the super robot off. The Helver then shoots Electric Rays from it’s finger tips but Trider G7 shoot green lasers from it’s own finger tips and blast the Helver away. Watta then gets Trider G7 to chase the Helver holding the space ship. After catching up with the space ship, Trider G7 kicks the Helver off and rescues the space ship. Once they land back on the Moon, the Helvers start flying around Trider G7 and lay a bunch of punches on the super robot. One of the Helvers gets a hold on Trider G7 and start to crush it. Watta manages to get Trider G7 to pry the Helver off and smash against a Moon hill. The other Helver appears behind and fires it’s Electric Rays, but Trider G7 shields itself with the Helver that it’s smashing and throws it at the other one. Watta then summons Trider G7’s Trider Javelin, the Helvers grab onto each other and start to roll toward the super robot. Trider G7 dodges it and throws the Trider Javelin at the Helvers, pinning them together. Finally, Watta uses Trider Bird Attack to slice into the Helvers two times while they’re pinned together, destroying the pair of robotic hands into a fireball.


Flight: Helvers are able to fly through space with rocket engines in place in their wrists.

Electric Rays: Helvers can shoot yellow electric rays from the tips of their fingers.

Strength: Helvers are shown to be very strong as they are able to give off a bunch of powerful punches, crush their opponents, and even lift up a space ship.

Ball Form: Helvers are able to grab onto each other and roll around as a ball.

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